2009 overall was ?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where the hell is my Raj?

SO, it's been a while since this blog has been updated :) what can I say? I'm becoming a nerd :D maybe that or I am just plain LAZY. I think it't the latter one.
Anyways... It was a sunday afternoon and the multicultural channel was playing a hindi movie :) guess which one? DDLJ ... yea i know!!! DILWALE freaking Dulhaniye Le Jayenge ... AWESOMENESS. I made my mom sit and watch the movie with me, even though I only caught like the last 20 minutes or so of the movie. I fell in love with Sharukh all over again :) just in that movie though. I mean the whole dialouge with Kajols dad about doing the right thing and not stealing his bride! damn thats like AHdorable! I mean soo much faith in your love? thats hardly realistic in aaj kal ki duniya
aise bade bade desho mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai senorita
best line ever! the guy who uses this line on me will be my raj except if hes a gora and doesnt know hindi he can say "in big big countries like this, small small things like these keep happening" :D
I want my RAJ! now! gosh I've waited long enough! well sooo i posted that as my fb status and my friend said that my Raj is on ViaRail, that is like the expensive train network in Canada, the level of desperation in me is such that might actually consider taking a train ticket on the ViaRail in search of my Raj hahaha :D

I found this realli amazing quote abt princes and ugly frogs and girls who've been single for too long
"It is better for girl to sleep a hundred years and be kissed and awakened by the right prince than to stay awake and be kissed a hundred times by the wrong frog."

ok thats it for todays pointless update :)
btw i also had a phone interview today for a camp in LA . it sounds fantastic - jewish experience and all that :) and LA i mean LOS ANGELES? yea pretty cool
ok im outt :)
take care

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to get Serious

So, now that I have started term 5 of university, technically its 3rd year for me in my undergrad program. A quick look over my transcript sent me into serious rethinking of my previous priorities. They were kinda messed up FB, Tv, part-time job, family , friends and then if there was time left over Studies. G-d has been good, he/she has seriously done loads of chamatkaars for me, but after a point i think he/she will get tired of helping me out too. So i have decided to get serious change my priorities and roll up the sleeves, put on the glasses and get down to business. ironically business is my program :) This rethinking of priorities in part has resulted in the failure of my plan of daily updates of my blog..
so from now on, this will be updated only when i need a break from other priorities. BTW i only have 2 followers, so i dont think anyone really cares :D at times i think i'm talking to myself, which does not make me feel stupid at all , cuz i talk to myself aLL the time :)
my funda in life - its better to have imaginary friends than to have a bunch of fake friends. Imaginary friends will not give you dhoka and will be in ur life jab bhi mile unhay mauka :) {that also explains my introverness, caution in making friends and appearing to others as if i am snooty}
ALRight i will go back to studying my MANAGEMENT COST ACCOUNTING
p.s. wen u need an accountant in the future HIRE ME :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day four & five (jan 4th+ 5th)

so, looks like i failed at my intention of daily updates of my blog, TYPICAL of me!
breaking promises
well 4th jan was 1st day of winter term at university, had a cost accounting class at 7:00 pm and it was freeeezing cold outside. On the bus ride, some girl dropped her purse and all its contents on the floor, and being the nice soul that i am , i helped her pick up her stuff (1st good deed of 2010 (: yay!)... reached the lec hall at 6:55pm the prof had already started lecturing, so it was awkward, u know when u walk in after the class is in session, and then everyone looks at you?? Haha very embarassing. PRof had some kind of british or australian accent (bro suggested tht the next time i go 2 that lec i shud say aussie aussie aussie and tht if he is australian the prof wud reply oye oye oye! i dont have the guts to go through with that plan, i think my bro wants me to be kicked outta university! haha)
there was a bunch of cute boys sitting in the last row of the class but i didnt look good considering that i had just washed my hair which would mean that i had a frizzy afro haha not attractive at ALL!
we had a review of previous course material i got a 5/10 haha as u can see i am well prepared... NOT!
that was that of 1st day back!
jan 5th was a day filled with lazing around and applying for jobs to various places,
also considering applying to a jewish summer camp experience in Los Angeles!!!
ALSO i got a B on an exam that i was 98% sure to fail! thank Gawd for MULTIPLE CHOICE!!!! wooot woot
:) oki im off to sleep got a LOOOOOOOOOoong day 2moro 11:00 am - 8:00 pm all iz well!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day three - jan/3rd/09

Jan 3rd - 1st sunday of 2010 WOHOOOOO!
Weekend shows i watch that kill my video streaming limit of 25 GB - Bindaas Big Switch - my fav is Sunny Sara :) and the other show is Splitsvilla - no favs just as yet but def. not liking the Riya chick.
todays Fb status : I dream of a better world, where the motives of chickens crossing the road are not questioned. like seriously please just let the chicken get to the other side without being so damn inquisitive!
events today- thanksgiving lunch thing at "grandparents" place in Hamilton, drove through a chilly snowstorm. That drive was pretty much like slow death through 2 hours.. had my niece and nephew in the car who insisted on playing "peek-a-boo" for like 30 minutes and then my niece decided that it would be hilarious to keep asking "are we there yet? ", "now?", "how about now?" for the next 30 minutes.
Then i came up with the genius plan of lets pretend to sleep and for the next 1 hr there was pure silence , plus the call from a very agitated grandma lady who was yelling at my cousin on the phone because we were late.
ate food, mingled with the elders of the family , got blessed for a good 2010 and then watched Home Alone.
drove back and went to sleep on the ride home while listening to kal ho na ho :)
dad walked in the snow storm to the dvd store and got me my pirated version of '3 idiots' :) watched the movie and laughed and cried it was a pretty good movie.
that my friends was my first sunday of 2010 :D
back to University tomorrow.. not too excited about that!
but still ALL IZZ WELL.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 2nd/ 09

mission: updating my blog daily- successful so far!
So today was the 01/02/2010 which can be reversed right to left to give you 01/02/2010 ... which is the exact same thing! pretty exciting isn't it?
besides that there was nothing much in my day that i could classify as exciting.
Went for dinner at my family friends house, had some butter chicken and FALOODA after it was YUMMY. Watched a movie there called 'Police Academy' it was extremely hilarious, except for the few adult-ish scenes in the movie , where the little kids were asked to look away and close their ears, and these little kids included me. Why? you ask... well i've decided to try and abstain from perverse images, thoughts and jokes... lets see how long that lasts :) lol
There was a sad part to my day too, the part where I had to say goodbye to my cousins who are leaving tomorrow morning for Seattle and I'm not going to see them until August well i guess thats life
"a series of meetings and partings.. its better to have met and parted, than to never have met at all."
Thinking back on my 19 yrs and a few months of life, I realize that I am truly lucky to have met everyone in my life who have made it so special and sometimes painful. Thanks for being in my life :) (this is one of those awww moments that are very rare in my life)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day one {Jan 1st 2010}

Well well well, the first minute of 2010 was spent on hugging my mother and wishing her a happy birthday , and the next few minutes were spent on cutting the cake that I had baked for her and also on singing her the birthday song. The next 2 hours were spent mingling with the family, stubborn uncles, overly sweet aunts, annoying cousins and the like. Finally at 2:00 am everyone left. Another hour was spent cleaning up the house, I swear my family is stuffed with MESSY people! like seriously how hard is it to eat without spilling? So well eventually at 3:30 am we were done cleaning up and we went to sleep.
I was woken up literally like 5 million times by phone calls in the morning, calling to wish mom a happy birthday! The phone served me just like my non-existent alarm clock, now we all know why its non-existent...becuase it failed in waking me up so I just threw it out. So finally my eyes were ready to start the day at 11:00 am, I went downstairs to have brunch with the family and lo and behold! it was snowing outside. It was truly amazing to have breakfast in the kitchen with my mom, dad and bro and watch the snow falling down lightly onto the ground.
The rest of the new years day was spent lazing around and not doing much, loading pics from the party the previous night and wishing people a happy new year on facebook (which is pathetic I know!).
The night was spent on shabbat prayers and some yummmmy fried food :) like french fries, fryums and Bhajiyas :) and obviously coca cola :D
Sang the birthday song once again to mom and called it a night!
that ladies and gentlemen was my first day of 2010 :D not very eventful, except for the fact that my mom is a year older which means its that much more harder for her to run after me to hit me :D.